March 4th - Paul Roberts-Thomson - M.D. of Van Diemen bulbs (Tasmania)

April 1st - Malcolm Keller - variations in growing styles and appearance of dahlias

May 6th - Phil Schluter - Coloured Personality Profiling system

June 3rd - Troy McKenzie - Discussion on banned plants

August 5th - Greg Ruckert - Borneo forrest trip

September 2nd - Chris Daniels - Cities and nature

October - Patricia Toolan (No information)


March 1st - Kym Syrus - Rose gardens and broadcasting experiences

April 5th - Chris Scrace - Fuschias - care and growing

May 3rd - Alan O'Leary and Steven Stokes - South African bulbs and Gladioli

June 7th - (No information)

July – No meeting.

August 2nd - David Barrington - Hellebores and garden tools

September 6th - Ian Williams and reptiles of Adelaide environs

October 4th AGM Greg Ruckert - Simple photography and how to improve garden photography


March 1st - Bromeliad Club with Peter, Bev and Ron

April 5th - Julian Slade and Greg Ruckert on South African trips looking at bulbs

May 3rd – Greg Lawrence – growing knowledge. - Snippets of info that Greg has learned and collected over many years of growing bulbs

June 7th - Trevor Nottle.

AUGUST 2nd - Helen McKerrell
Practical, down-to-earth home gardener & author of Gardening on a Shoestring. Helen is a regular column contributor to gardening magazines & dispenses sensible advice to customers at the Crafers Garden Centre.

SEPTEMBER 6th – Greg Ruckert & Julian Slade – more South African bulbous plants.
Encore presentation from these intrepid seed collectors of some of the many fascinating species in South Africa. Can they – and we – ever get enough?

October 4th – Marg Jenkins – On Irises. Named for Iris, the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, the genus epitomizes this with a huge & subtle range of gorgeous colours. Learn much from Marg.

November 1st - Matt Coulter - Adelaide Botanic Gardens Mt Lofty nursery


March 7th - Cameron Peoples - Western Yunnan Rhododendrons

April 4th - Jason Wilkinson - Travelling bulb supplier