Minutes May 2015

Lilium & Bulb Society of SA Inc Minutes 6th May 2015
Meeting commenced: 7.36 pm

Phil Schluter showed us different colour personalities and asked us to nominate the colour type we believed was most appropriate for ourselves.
He then went on to invite 4 different gardeners to describe how their gardens were designed, and how they each visualised the end effect. He then went on to attempt to categorise their personalities.

Tony Sparnon, Martin Fidge, Fred Dolan, Lawrence Ng, Trevor Nottle, Ann Ruckert, Miriam Sampson.

Phil Schluter showed us different colour personalities and asked us to nominate the colour type we believed was most appropriate for ourselves.
He then introduced Helen Fairweather to describe her garden and how it was designed and created. Helen carefully considers every plant and its position in the garden for both plant requirements and colour scheme.
Marg Jenkins was then asked to describe her garden – one that has evolved from a former iris nursery layout to a mixture of shrubs, trees. liliums, bulbs and other plants all tightly mixed together regardless of colour and contrasting with her mother’s garden designed with large spaces between plants to make it easier to weed.
Steven Stokes was then introduced and showed how he has used technology to make an aquaponic fishpond and vegetable growing system after his garden was appropriated for a swimming pool. His compost is also created scientifically using the hot composting technique.
Kate Wallwork then showed us how her garden has evolved from all lawn to a green garden to one with lots of flowers (thanks to her new husband Hugh who asked her where the flowers were). Her garden is still evolving with specific colour schemes now being included in some sections. Kate then concluded that she thinks all gardeners have bits of all the colour personalities.
A very interesting exercise thankyou Phil.

Class 2 1st M Jenkins Nerine fothergilli major, 2nd Alan O’Leary Hippeastrum cultivar, 3rd Steve Stokes Nerine bowdenii. Class 3 1st Pat Simpson Iris unguicularis, 2nd M Jenkins Iris unguicularis. Class 5 1st M Jenkins Cyclamen cyprium, 2nd Cyclamen hederifolium. Class 6 1st Wendy Wilson Plectranthus, 2nd M Jenkins rose ‘Howard Florey’ 3rd Helen Fairweather Lemon verbena. Class 7 1st M Jenkins Cymbidium orchid, 2nd G Ruckert Polyxena pauciflora, 3rd G Ruckert Strumeria salteri. Champion exhibit M Jenkins Nerine.

Minutes 1st April 2015. Moved R Fairweather, seconded Steve Stokes ‘that minutes be accepted as emailed’, carried.

Business arising: Nil

Correspondence In:
1. Garden Clubs of Aust Bulletins
2. Garden Clubs of Aust insurance
3. Account for hall hire Aldgate Church of Christ
4. Woodcroft-Morphett Vale Garden Group wanting a speaker Friday morning 6th November 10am – 11am.
5. Australia Post re changes to mail delivery.
6. Resignation from Barbara Cocks

Correspondence out: nil.

Treasurer’s report: as presented Moved Tania Thomas, seconded Greg Lawrence - ‘that accounts be paid and report accepted’. Carried
Accounts for payment – Hall hire $90, Potting mix $209.79, bulbs 2015 show $258.
Website report: Changes to speakers’ pages, lots of likes on facebook. Check out the website and check minutes, previous speakers, members’ blooms and much more.

New business:
1. Open gardens next weekend – May 9th 10am Wairoa, Aldgate. May 10th 10am Beechwood, Stirling.
2. Show Kate O’Brien - 50th year for show. Kate would like to put a potted history of the club in the corner by stage. Find old members for information. Eric Annett, David Barrington suggested. Promotions committee formed to contact garden clubs, radio, TV, Nancye Kopunic, Phil Schluter, Greg Ruckert.

3. Founders Cup won by Marg Jenkins (only entrant.) Lots of problems with photos entered. This will be demonstrated at next meeting.
4. Barb Field wants members to list bulbs they grow. Can everyone start making a list and email to secretary for filing please.
5. Stirling market last weekend in August. Who can help? Plants in pots and blooms needed for the display.

Bulb swap:
Jeff Boden has given special seed (posted to him) for sharing. People taking this seed are asked to plant it and photograph when blooms appear.

Next meeting June 3rd 2015 Troy McKenzie from the Leaf Boutique, Topic is Banned plants and new legislation.

Meeting closed 9.30pm followed by supper.