Minutes March 2015

Lilium & Bulb Society of SA Inc. minutes of the meeting held on 4th March 2015 at the Village Well Aldgate.

Speaker: Paul Roberts-Smith, Managing Director Van Diemen Quality Bulbs told us about the production and distribution of bulbs in Australia and for export. Van Diemen Quality Bulbs produces all the tulip bulbs sold by mail order nurseries in Australia and exports them to Holland. He described how tulips and liliums are planted, grown and harvested at Table Cape. He also gave a $60 Van Diemen voucher as first prize for the raffle. Paul was thanked for his very interesting talk by President Greg Ruckert and presented with a small gift.
Website report: New images are being posted on Facebook linked back to website. Hits now coming from overseas.

New business:
The move of the cupboards to Aldgate, this was done by G Ruckert and M Jenkins. The contents need cataloguing and library sorted. This will be done gradually over winter.
Royal Show sponsorship $100 last year the club sponsored two championships for bulbs. Moved Martin Fidge, seconded Kate Wallwork that we sponsor the same RAHS champions this year to commemorate our 50th anniversary.

Judging: Kate O’Brien and Paul Roberts-Thomson judged the first competition table. There were good entries in all classes.

Results: Class 1 Lilium 1st M Jenkins (L formosanum) 2nd D Robson (white oriental) 3rd M Fidge (Bacardi floret). Class 2 Bulb not a lilium 1st M Jenkins Ornithogalum saundersii, 2nd S Stokes (sternbergia lutea) 3rd M Jenkins (colchicum), Class 3 rhizome 1st D Robson (ginger), 2nd
G Lawrence (TB iris), 3rd T Reichers (agapanthus). Class 4 tuber 1st G Lawrence (white Eucomis) 2nd J Boden (white Eucomis), 3rd P Simpson (Cyclamen hederifolium). Class 5 corm 1st N Kopunic (Gladiolus). Class 6 any other bloom 1st N Kopunic (Geranium), 2nd D Robson (Plectranthus), 3rd D Robson (Plectranthus). Class 7 Potted plant 1st S Stokes (large flowered tuberous begonia) 2nd M Jenkins (pendulous tuberous begonia), 3rd M Jenkins (Cyclamen hederifolium). Champion exhibit S Stokes potted begonia.

Next meeting 1st April 2015 Speaker will be Phil Schluter on bulbs and undergrounds for Autumn colour with some help from other members.

Meeting closed 9.20pm followed by supper and sales table trading.

Below… Trophies presented to the 2015 winners at the dinner held at the Village Well at the February meeting.

Champions 2015