Minutes June 2014

Lilium & Bulb Society of SA Inc Minutes 4th June 2014

PA system budget raised to $1700.
All Day lilies have arrived and are in the ground.
Logo selected is‘Beauty from Underground’.

Next meeting is a subsidised dinner.
Lilium & Bulb Society of SA Inc Minutes 4th June 2014

Meeting commenced 8.05pm


Apologies: Hugh & Kate Wallwork, Barb & Rob Field, Ann Ruckert.

Speaker: Chris Campbell – Biochar - see website for his talk.

Minutes of meeting held May 7th 2014 moved Rob Fairweather, seconded Jeff Boden, carried

Business arising:

Daylilies All delivered to GR invoices to be sent to Treasurer
PA system reasonable unit is $1700. Moved Tanya Thomas, seconded Rob Fairweather ‘that a suitable unit up to the value of $1,700.00 be purchased’. Carried.
Sponsorship of Robert O’Brien same as last year Moved Rosemary Thomson, seconded Jeff Boden ‘that we sponsor him $500 plus two vouchers for $25 to be honoured at the 2015 show, with the same conditions as last year’. Carried

Correspondence in: Nil

Correspondence out: Iris society re RAHS stand. No reply yet.

Treasurer’s report: Report tabled and accepted.

Website report: working on bulk email problem

New business from Committee meeting:
Logo: change ‘&’ to ‘and’ Make Society mixed case. Colour as is.
Slogan suggestions voted on by members. Winner is ‘Beauty from Underground’
Bulb order - suggested list tabled for members to add their orders. Orders to be collated and bulbs ordered from suppliers.
July social dinner meeting: Moved Greg Ruckert, seconded Rob Fairweather ‘that the club have a dinner meeting at the Crafers Hotel on July 2nd, 6pm for 6.30pm. Members meal to be paid by club, non-members pay for own meal. All attending to buy own drinks’. Carried.

Photos needed now for show display board inside door.
Show and tell: Alan O’Leary showed Massonia depressa from the western area of South Africa 7 year old plant. In the wild this is pollinated by rodents. Marg Jenkins had a vase of Iris unguicularis, lachenalia, tulbaghia, Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘White Gnome’, two different jonquils, dietes grandiflora. Also six seedling velthemia, three with normal green leaves and three with white ruffled leaves and no chlorophyll. The question is ‘What causes this?’ No answers forthcoming.
Founders’ Trophy with new base presented to Martin Fidge.
Raffle drawn and supper served.

Next meeting July 2nd at Crafers Hotel 6pm.

Meeting closed 9.45pm