2015 AGM

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Lilium & Bulb Soc of SA held in the Village Well, Aldgate on 7th October 2015.

Meeting commenced at 9.20pm

Present: 24 members as per attendance sheet.

V Grapentin, Avril Dalby, Kerry Dellar, Lynn Elzinga-Henry, Helen Fairweather, Martin Fidge, Barb and Rob Field, Shirley Gordon, Lawrence Ng, Trevor Nottle, Di Robson, Ann Ruckert, Philip Sampson, Pat Simpson, Jason Wilkinson, Wendy Wilson, Kathryn Stevens.

Minutes of the AGM held on 1st October 2014. Moved, K O’Brien, seconded R Dalby ‘that minutes be accepted as emailed’. Carried.

President’s report: See minutebook.

Treasurer’s report: See minute book. Fred Dolan, seconded Tania Thomas ‘That report be accepted’, carried.

President declared all positions vacant and asked to Kate O’Brien to chair the election.


  • President – Greg Ruckert, nominated by Nancye Kopunic, seconded by R Fairweather, carried.
  • Vice President – Greg Lawrence volunteered.
  • 2nd Vice President. Phil Schluter was nominated in his absence and later accepted the position.
  • Secretary - Margaret Jenkins continues for one more year.
  • Treasurer – Fred Dolan nominated by M Jenkins, seconded by G Ruckert, carried.
  • Committee – Barb Field, Nancye Kopunic, Neil Waters all volunteered.
  • Show convenor – Kate O’Brien volunteered.
  • Webmaster – Rob Fairweather volunteered.
  • Public Officer – F Dolan to continue.
  • Bank Signatories – Treasurer – F Dolan, Secretary – M Jenkins, President – G Ruckert, Vice President – G Lawrence. Moved R Fairweather, seconded N Kopunic, carried.

Meeting closed at 9.40pm