Jeff Boden's soggy tale

Jeffery discusses his misfortunes while growing on some special seed from overseas.
He discovers that potting mixes ain’t potting mixes. - A timely warning!
I grow my small lots of seed in foam fruit containers with extra holes in them.

However there are some drawbacks to using these containers. If placed on the soil the potting mix in bottom of the foam box can become water-logged, the drainage is lost and bulb rot sets in.

I put wooden slats under the boxes to raise them off the ground.  This did help but it was a good place for slugs, earwigs  and other pests to hide. They love new lilium seedlings!

Also due to our extreme heat this summer, I have had to water the seeds more often, but as the boxes were on the ground they got water-logged. I lost the whole lot of these seeds which were from people overseas. I was looking forward to seeing them flower.

I think the reason for the losses was that I used a bag of potting mix that was bought from the Lilium and Bulb Society. This was left over from when we potted up our liliums for the show. I was not impressed with it as it did not drain well and went gluggy in the bottom of the foam boxes.

So it pays to use a good quality potting mix with good drainage.