2018 Speakers

JANUARY 17th – Dinner at Greg Lawrence’s home after the Show.
Sat 13th & Sun 14th Lilium & Bulb Show at Hahndorf Institute

FEBRUARY - Dinner for presentation of prizes at a Three Gums Bistro, 145A Mount Barker Rd, Hahndorf SA 5245, on Wednesday 1st February, at 6.30..
Members to pay.

MARCH 7th - Cameron Peoples - Horticulturalist.
The High Country of Western Yunnan.
Take this journey of discovery with Cameron, whose special interest in Rhododendrons at Mt Lofty B.G., has led him to find bulbs & many other plants of interest in 3 trips to China.

APRIL 4th - Jason Wilkinson – Plant Nursery Bulbs
Learning from a young age & passionate about plants, Jason travels around the state providing plants & info appropriate to each region he visits & is a regular seller at various markets.

MAY 2nd – Phil Barron - Environmentalist - Birds.
Whether bold, colourful or plain, noisy or songsters, destructive or shy, birds make up a large part of our natural environment & play important roles in pollination of many plant spp.

JUNE 6th – Ann Ruckert – Mathematician on Fibonacci
What do pineapples, sunflower head seeds, nautilus shells, pinecones, cabbages, wave sequences have in common?
Anne will explain the mathematical sequence favoured by evolution – the secret patterns of nature known as the Fibonacci ratio.

JULY – No meeting.

AUGUST 1st - Marg Jenkins – Experienced propagator & club member
A talk & demonstration as these plants commence their growing season.

SEPTEMBER 5th – Rosemary Thomson - Enthusiastic plantswoman & club member. To be assisted by other members.
Pot Culture / A Passion for Pots.
No, you won’t find any “wacky Bachy” in Rosemary’s collection! But she will share her valuable experience of growing bulbs in confinement..or is it mere “pot luck?”

OCTOBER 3rd – Hugh Williams – Clivias
Dazzling in dark & shady places, we’ll find out how & where to use them in our gardens.

NOVEMBER 7th - Peter Taverna –Mandrakes
Why is there so much mystery attached to this genus? Peter is passionate & unusual & will expound on these & other special plants.

DECEMBER 1st or 8th – Home of Barb & Rob Field - Mini show & end of year dinner. (Bring a plate to share).