2019 Speakers/Events

MARCH 4th - Merrilyn and Manfred Eckert on recovering from the Sampson Flat fire.
Graphic images captured after the fire, with more showing the slow recovery and final (to date) state of this wonderful garden

April 3rd - Greg Marlu talks about BIOCHAR production and what it can do for improving plant growth and health.

May 1st - John Batchelor - Plant propagation

June 5th - Trevor Scott - Representing CutAbove Tools

August 7th Mary Ann Sabine - Gardening on the other side of the world

September 4th - Peter Taverna - (who only came to extract information from our experts)!

October 2nd - Paul Lindon - Heritage Roses

November 6th - Joe Romeo - Begonias

December 14th - Christmas meeting - At Barb Field's house.