Helen Fairweather on her “front” garden.

At the moment, you'll note that Helen's garden is not featuring as many Liliums as some. The garden covers something like an acre, and other species tend to take some of their room - and don't require as much water as the liliums.
The first image (courtesy Google Maps) probably dates back to 2010, when the gardens were still being established. The second image attempts to show where the current gardens have been located. Much has changed since then, but unfortunately Mr. Google is rather out of date!

The Picking garden was established because many of the plants that we were attempting to grow (roses for instance) simply would not thrive in the heavy shade in the Western garden. More trees have since been added to the Western, and the Picking garden is now a veritable jungle! This is also the area in which all of our lilies are thriving.

The Creek, Broken Hill and Native garden areas are almost all Australian native species. Most of the plants in these gardens are from the outback - with eremophila, coreas, atriplex (saltbush), drylands acacias, sennas etc. to name a few species.

The front garden plants, due to their proximity to the 40 metre long by 3.6 metre high cyprus hedge, all need to be very tough and to need very little water. Many are succulents, but larger (small trees) like vitex and pomegranates (ranging from miniatures to full sized fruiting, and double flowering specimens) are featured. Naturally, it is well planted with spring flowering bulbs that obviously don’t require summer watering. Copious use is made of compost and mulching.