In celebration of its fiftieth year the Lilium and Bulb Society of South Australia is proud to announce the establishment of a scholarship for aspiring green thumbs.

The Society is looking for one or more young persons who have a strong interest in nature, particularly growing plants from seed.
The scholarship recipients will be provided with all the materials needed to raise bulbous plants from seed, including mentor support. They will be recognised at a presentation in April 2016.
The Lilium and Bulb Society is growing and as well as Liliums, many members grow rare bulbs from all around the world. We are looking to encourage aspiring green thumbs of the future and believe the best way to do that is to help young people develop an interest which can then carry them through their lives.
While the recipient will need some support at home (a small amount of space as well as ongoing enthusiasm) we are looking for children that will have a core interest.

The recipients will receive:

Membership of the Lilium and Bulb Society of South Australia
A selection of seed of Lilium and other bulbous plants
Supply of growing medium to raise the seed
Containers and name tags.
Mentorship from appropriate members of the Lilium and Bulb Society
Maximum age to apply for the scholarship is 16.

We encourage any young person with a genuine interest in growing plants from seed to apply.