The annual Lilium and Bulb show

2016 - 50th anniversary of the Lilium and Bulb Society SA

The 2016 Annual Lilium and Bulb show will be held as usual in the Hahndorf Institute, but with a difference. in 2016 we celebrate our 50th year!
The show will run over the weekend of Saturday 9th January 12 to 5 pm and again on Sunday 10th of January, when the doors will be open from 10am to 4.40 pm.

This year, opening hours were: - Saturday 10th Jan. 2015. 12.00 noon - 5pm, Sunday 11th Jan 10am - 4.30pm.

On November 19th 2014, a small group of members met to pot up a large number of bulbs so that (weather permitting), they would be flowering in time for the annual January show bulb sales table.
Our intention in the 2014 show was to be running a continuous slide show to a large screen on the stage overlooking the flower display.

Bulbs of Liliums and Zantedeschias were potted up with a wide variety of colours and hybrids now growing well.

Lilium species henryi and some unnamed trumpet liliums, bred by internationally known hybridiser Jeff Boden, will be for sale this year as well as named oriental, oriental trumpet hybrids and LA varieties. The 2015 slide show will reflect species available at the show as (hopefully) potted flowering specimens.

The dormant bulb sales table will have daffodils, scilla, nerine, muscari, Dutch iris, lachenalia, ixia, and many other types of bulbs, many of them hard to find.
In previous years all classes of Liliums and Bulbs have been on display for judging, and a range of selected potted bulbs have been available for purchase - some of them in bloom (depending upon maturity and seasonal weather). A large range of non-lilium dormant bulbs will also be available at minimal cost.
The 2015 show will also feature a large screen display of continuously projected magnificent blooms; some of them photographed in members' gardens, and others provided by specialist nurseries.
The images on this page have all been photographed in members' gardens. Many of the flowers will be on display during the show, some will be for sale.

The show is a two day affair run over the weekend of 10th and 11th of January. Try smelling the yellow bloom on the right…. Can't smell anything? Guess that you'll have to come along and be intoxicated by the heavenly perfumes that pervade the show in January!