The 2014 Lilium and Bulb show

The annual show week end has come and gone for 2014.
Here's a brief run-down on the format, some of the results, and images of the displays (mainly by Jeffery Boden), and our visitors (images by Rob Fairweather)
Agapantha family
Grand champion blooms
Calla family
New displays of Agapanthas and Calla Lilies (see left) were offered this year.
The winner of the raffle (Yvonne B from Mt Barker) took all the stunning Calla flowers home with her, and Mario Gavino from Mawson Lakes won the Lilium section.
The grand champion blooms (above), were won by Greg Lawrence (Lady Haywood trophy) with his floret of Lilium Robina; his stem of Gladiolus won the other major award.
187 tried their hand in people's choice judging. The winner was D Hanniford from Glenalta.

By the end of the show we had 10 new members. Two were family memberships consisting of 2 each, so we now have grown by 12 people.
Detailed results - click here

Lady Haywood Trophy: Greg Lawrence (35 points)
Noel Lothian Trophy: Martin Fidge (39 points)
Lew & Lucy Ryder Trophy: Greg Lawrence (63 points)
Champion Oriental or Orienpet Stem: Greg Lawrence (35 points)
Champion Hybrid Stem (Non-oriental): Greg Lawrence (30 points)
Grand Champion Floret: Fred Dolan (12 points)
Champion Species Floret: Martin Fidge (16 points)
Champion Oriental or Orienpet Floret: Fred Dolan (12 points)
Champion Hybrid Floret (Non-oriental): Marg Jenkins (9 points)
Champion Seedling Stem: Marg Jenkins (35 points)
Best Container of Unflowered Seedlings: Jeff Boden (57 points)
Best Floral Arrangement: Marg Jenkins (52 points)
Best collection of stems: Greg Lawrence (48 points)

Aggregate points
Jeff Bowden 44
Greg Lawrence 38
Martin Fidge 62
Fred Dolan 10
Marg Jenkins 77

The images below are a small selection of some of our displays and show our visitors as they wandered amongst them.

Note: Click on an image to enlarge it, then use the left and right arrow keys to change image. ESC returns to the thumbnail size.

Many people were equipped with cameras - from simple mobile 'phones to sophisticated SLRs. All intent on recording what they saw, some as a record of specimens that they were wanting to purchase, and some simply as a record of an enjoyable day.
The age of our visitors seemed to range from youngsters of early school age, to elderly people requiring walking aids.

There was always a crowd waiting to purchase from the potted lilium stall, and others browsing the bulb stall.
Our members were always kept busy answering questions, and late on the second day (Sunday), at least one well known Society identity was spotted attempting a quick snooze!

After the Show.

We had a jolly good "nosh up" at the Crafers Inn!
Presentation dinner
Presentation dinner
Presentation dinner
Yes - After all the hard work by members, the committee decided that we all deserved a dinner at the local Pub. Not only to unwind, but to enable presentation of the Show awards and prizes in comfortable surroundings, and to introduce new members (who had joined at the Show), to many of the existing members.

The photographs here were supplied by Jeffery Boden with his trusty Samsung Tab. Jeff was the only one who took time out from talking, drinking and eating to do the rounds of the tables for photos. Your scribe took the evening off and left the camera in the car!

You'll note that no food was on the tables when Jeff did the rounds. Nobody seemed to notice, and it arrived before starvation became apparent.
Presentation dinner
Presentation dinner