The 2018 Lilium and Bulb show

The annual show week-end has come and gone for 2018.

Our 2018 show has been a huge success despite entries being down quite a long way. Cool weather right up to, and including Christmas had left the blooming of most varieties running a little late, and somewhat "soft". We looked like having some great blooms on show - and then came a short very hot few days not much more than a week before the show.
The weather turned cool again, and delayed opening of replacements for the flowers burned in the heat.
The result was lower competition numbers than expected.
However - all was not lost, because Alan and Greg arrived back from a long trip to Victoria, loaded down with huge numbers of potted, flowering lilies for our lilium sales table - filling the hall with their heady perfume, and Helen and the bulb table ladies had surprised everybody by producing a display of dormant and potted, growing bulbs that was nearly double the size of last year's table. The bulb table was very well patronised on both days.
This year we decided to make a feature of the delightful perfumes produced by the liliums. We sent out requests for a suitable judge via social media, and were delighted to meet up with Ute Wegener from Murray Bridge. Ute agree to put her remarkable nose to the test, and seemed to have no trouble coming up with a final group of flowers, and a final selection. Interestingly, the winning, and second placed blooms were both bred by Jeff Boden.
After the limited success of last year's photographic competition, we decided to try again - this time being lot more specific about the subject matter, and standardising on A4 size for all images instead of the A6 that were displayed last year. The results were a huge improvement, and we had many complements both from visitors during the show, but from our returning judge, Lydia Strutton.
See copies of all the images on this page.
We're now looking at the possibility of expanding this competition, but many details have yet to be confirmed.