Triptych (set of 3 images)

Three photographs displaying different aspects of a plant reflecting the interests of our Society (generally called bulbs).

Each shot to be at different distances from the plant - OR - the same plant but at different stages of flowering/growth - OR - three different perspectives of the flower.

All entries MUST have been shot after June 30, 2018

All 3 photographs to be A4 size, and either portrait or landscape format, but not mixed.

Class P1 – (Camera)

Class P2 – (Tablet format)

One photograph of a bulbous plant incorporating an animal or bug.

Photograph to be A4 size, Black and White, (not colour) and may be either portrait or landscape format.

Class P3 – (Camera)

Class P4 – (Tablet format)

General Conditions

  • Limit of one entry per class per exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors to enter in either Camera or Tablet format class, but Show Manager will have final say on the correct (or appropriate) class. “Post it” stickers may be used to identify the class of each print.
  • Tablet formats include mobile phones, tablets or iPads.
  • Photographs to be given to Show Manager in the provided envelope by November 2019 meeting, to allow them to be framed and judged.
  • Photographs will be hung, with awards, by the opening of the show and will remain the property of the society.
  • Photographs must not be marked in any way which identifies the exhibitor, and must have been taken by the exhibitor on or after July 1st 2018.
  • Photographs may be printed externally ie. by Harvey Norman, Officeworks etc.

The judge for this year's (2019/20) competition was Terry Hann of Atkins Photography

The Atkins name has been synonymous with Thoroughbred racing in South Australia since 1936 when Bill Atkins began his photography career. In 1993 Terry and Hilary Hann purchased the business from Bill's son John and have been catering for the horse racing fraternity ever since.

Both are multi award winning members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and adhere to that organisation's strict rules of professional conduct. Hilary has twice been awarded the title of South Australian Professional Photographer of the Year.

Terry's awards include the following…
2017/18 TRSA Best Racing Picture
2017 AIPP SA Science, Wildlife & Wild Places Photographer of The Year
2017 Finalist AIPP SA Landscape Photographer of the Year
2014/15 TRSA Best Racing Picture
2015 AIPP SA Science, Wildlife & Wild Places Photographer of The Year
2014 Finalist AIPP SA Travel Photographer of the Year
2013 AIPP SA Documentary Photographer of the Year

Triptych shot with camera

Stacks Image 138494
Stacks Image 138496
Stacks Image 138498

Overall winner and first place - Rob Fairweather

Stacks Image 138517
Stacks Image 138519
Stacks Image 138521

Second place - Marg Jenkins

Triptych shot with tablet or 'Phone

Stacks Image 138531
Stacks Image 138533
Stacks Image 138535

First place - Marg Jenkins

Stacks Image 138386
Stacks Image 138388
Stacks Image 138390

Second place - Kate O'Brien

Single (Black and white) photograph of a plant, which constitutes the role of our Society (generally called bulbs) to also include an insect, bird or animal.

Image photographed with camera

Stacks Image 138570
Stacks Image 138572

First place Marg Jenkins

Second place Kate O'Brien

Image photographed with tablet or 'phone..

Stacks Image 138268
Stacks Image 138270

First place Marg Jenkins

Second place Kate O'Brien

2020 Founders Cup

The Founder’s Cup is in recognition of two of our founding members, Alan Bray and J. McEwin. To be eligible you must have grown the plant/bulb from seed. It must be in its first or second year of flowering to be eligible, and photographed by the grower.

To produce a winning image, it is necessary to make sure that there are no distractions before taking a photo. Often these distractions are not noticed until after printing, or the flower has died, this then involves another twelve months wait to do it all again.

Thank you to all those who submitted photos and congratulations to Marg on her winning photo.