Triptych (set of 3 images)

Three photographs displaying different aspects of a plant reflecting the interests of our Society (generally called bulbs).

Each shot to be at different distances from the plant - OR - the same plant but at different stages of flowering/growth - OR - three different perspectives of the flower.

All entries MUST have been shot after June 30, 2018

All 3 photographs to be A4 size, and either portrait or landscape format, but not mixed.

Class P1 – (Camera)

Class P2 – (Tablet format)

One photograph of a bulbous plant incorporating an animal or bug.

Photograph to be A4 size, Black and White, (not colour) and may be either portrait or landscape format.

Class P3 – (Camera)

Class P4 – (Tablet format)

General Conditions

  • Limit of one entry per class per exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors to enter in either Camera or Tablet format class, but Show Manager will have final say on the correct (or appropriate) class. “Post it” stickers may be used to identify the class of each print.
  • Tablet formats include mobile phones, tablets or iPads.
  • Photographs to be given to Show Manager in the provided envelope by November 2019 meeting, to allow them to be framed and judged.
  • Photographs will be hung, with awards, by the opening of the show and will remain the property of the society.
  • Photographs must not be marked in any way which identifies the exhibitor, and must have been taken by the exhibitor on or after July 1st 2018.
  • Photographs may be printed externally ie. by Harvey Norman, Officeworks etc.

The judge for this year's (2019/20) competition has yet to be arranged

Last year, our judge, Lydia Strutton made the following general comments:
"I must again thank the Lilium Society for the privilege of judging their annual photographic competition for 2018. Having judged the images last year, I found it heartening to see a marked improvement in this year's collection - it appears comments made last year have been some help. It also makes it more difficult to pick a winner this time around! Hopefully any negative comments made about individual images in this collection will again be taken in the spirit of how it is given - constructive - to the point where improvements can be made. I find the triptych series of photographs, an ideal way of displaying the beauty of bulb flowering plants and uplifting and rewarding for the photographers who can capture that vitality. Triptychs make for ideal framing and display on the walls of all bulb loving gardeners - make it happen and enjoy the fruits of your labours!"