Lilium and Bulb Society of South Australia - Constitution

Regarding Plants on Consignment

  1. All plants must be healthy - any that show signs of disease will be rejected.
  2. All pots must be clean.
  3. All plants must be correctly named, and writing on labels be legible.
  4. Any debris must be removed from the top of all pots. i.e.. leaves, twigs.
  5. Commission to the Society will be 40%, pricing to be worked out with the show convenor one week prior to the event and grower to then display the agreed price on each pot.
  6. If a large enough number, and by prior arrangement (one week before the show) then a pickup will be arranged.
  7. It is the grower's responsibility to remove any remaining unsold plants at the closure of the show.
  8. Both grower and show convenor to sign a Received and a Dispatched form.
  9. Payment for sales will be made at the trophy dinner.
  10. The show convenor has the right to refuse any plants if those plants are considered to be of inferior quality.

2018 - 19 December/January Show Schedule

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