Minutes of the 2013 AGM

President: Greg Ruckert nominated by R Fairweather, seconded B Field
Vice President: M Fidge nominated by F Dolan, seconded G Ruckert
2nd Vice President: R Dalby nominated T Thomas, seconded N Kopunic
Secretary: M Jenkins has one more year to serve.
Treasurer: F Dolan, nominated by J Boden, seconded N Kopunic Read More...

2013 Annual Report

Martin Fidge writes the 2013 President’s report, covering the wide range of speakers arranged by Greg Ruckert for our monthly meetings.
The lilium and bulb display at the August Stirling Market, and the new advertising banner are also mentioned. Read More...

Minutes October 2013

Lengthy talks by Fred Dolan and Kate O’Brien with tips on presenting cuts and blooms for competition: Rowley Filmer spoke on his judging experiences over 30 years.

Showing tips: Flowers should be clean with healthy foliage. Stage with a length of iris
or rhubarb stem to hole stem upright and straight with the best side facing the judge.
The bottom row of flowers on a lilium should be open, an old flower can have the petals removed but leave the stigma intact. Brush or blow pollen off petals. Stamens should be left on with pollen showing. A floret should not have a leaf on the stem and stem should be no longer than 15cm. Liliums in pots can be staged as cuts and can be staked. The stem to be judged should be clearly marked. Read More...